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Distance-Digital teaching and learning in the post COVID-19 era

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Main aims 

The main aims of the Di2LEARN project is to strengthen the profiles of teachers, empower and equip them with digital and pedagogical skills, as well as to provide them with the essential tools and resources to meet the challenges of distance and digital teaching and learning. Additionally, the project aims to support students to cope with the new challenges of remote and digital learning and help parents cater to the well-being of their children.


24 months

Target Groups

Teachers, Parents, Students

Target Groups
Project Results

Project Results


Blue Print Report


Tripe First-Aid Tool Kit


Di2Learn Platform & Mobile App


Physical and Virtual Academy

Project Timeline

April 2021
Transnational Project Meeting 1 (Virtual)

Unfortunately, due to traveling restrictions, the kick off meeting of the Di2Learn project had to take place virtually on the 23rd April 2021.

 All partners gave a quick presentation and introduced their organisations. All the participants took part in a fruitful discussion related to the project’s main objectives and the next steps for implementation. Additionally, important matters were discussed and resolved for the following steps of the implementation, and deadlines were set for the upcoming tasks.

April '21 - January '22
IO1 - Blue Print Report

Following the TPM1, the consortium developed the comparative blue print report which consists: mapping of the good practices in each partner country, focus groups analysis by each partner country, infographics for the findings and the audit tool questionnaire for the teachers.

March 2022
Transnational Project Meeting 2

The 2nd Transnational project meeting was organized online on the 8th of March 2022.

During the meeting, the partners chose the topics that they will develop, as part of IO2, for teachers, parents, and students. In addition, updates regarding IO3: Virtual Di2learn Academy For Teachers-Students- Parents were presented by Emphasys.

Furthermore, partners discussed future tasks related to IO4, the C1 training, the Multiplier Events, Dissemination, Quality as well as financial reporting.  

January - June 2022
IO2 Triple Aid Kit

After the finalisation of the IO1, partners will develop by the end of June 2022 the triple aid kit of the Di2Learn Project. The Triple Aid kit is addressed to teachers, parents and students and provide them with tips, methodologies and guidelines for the transition to the distance and digital teaching and learning.

July '21- Sept '22
IO3 Virtual Academy

The IO3 is crucial as it involves the development of the e-DISTANCE LEARNING VIRTUAL ACADEMY comprised of an interactive platform and a mobile app to support all target groups  to make a high quality shift from F2F teaching to distance learning.

C1 Short Term Staff Training

The C1 training took place between the 19th and 23rd of September 2022 in Nicosia, Cyprus. During the 5-day training session, each partner conducted workshops related to the material that they developed for teachers, and parents. Lastly, on the 2nd day, a guest speaker was invited by Emphasys Centre to attend the C1 training virtually which is a headteacher Mr. Christos Giasemi at Dali Primary School in Nicosia.

IO4 Academies

Further to the development of all other materials, the fourth and final intellectual output will focus on the shift from theory to practice in the sense that all products (pedagogical methods, guidelines, platform, tools and resources etc.) will be reviewed, revised, pilot-tested and offered openly to the European Community to be used.

March 2023
Transnational Project Meeting 3

The 3rd and final transnational project meeting was successfully organized on the 23rd of March 2023 in Warsaw, Poland.

During the meeting, partners discussed final tasks related to IO4, the Multiplier Events, Dissemination, Quality as well as financial reporting.

March 2023
Final Conference

On the 24th of March 2023, the project’s final conference took place in Warsaw during which the partnership presented the project results to 40+ people. Additionally, a panel discussion took place with digital education experts from Poland followed by 2 workshops related to distance teaching and learning tools.

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