IO4 Description:

Further to the development of all other materials, the fourth and final intellectual output will focus on the shift from theory to practice in the sense that all products (pedagogical methods, guidelines, platform, tools and resources etc.) will be reviewed, revised, pilot-tested and offered openly to the European Community to be used. During this intellectual output the C1 Short Term Staff Training will be organised (with a combination of physical – if possible, and virtual meetings). In addition, the consortium will implement a campaign related to the modernization and digital transformation of formal education as well as a Strategy Pack for transferability, exploitation and sustainability of the projects' products.

What is included?

→ Train the trainers course (C1 activity)

→ Pilot-testing/Implementation of the di2Learn project - 1st phase

→ Setting up the di2Learn blended academies - 2nd phase

→ Production of the multi-level and multi-purpose campaign, exploitation and upscaling strategy