Project Aims

The main objective of the Di2LEARN project is to strengthen the profiles of educators, empower and equip them with digital and pedagogical skills, as well as to provide them with the essential tools and resources to meet the challenges of distance and digital teaching and learning. Additionally, the project aims to support students to cope with the new challenges of remote and digital learning and help parents cater to the well-being of their children. More specifically the project aims to:

● To support schools to develop their own Distance Learning Action Plan.

● To empower teachers through upskilling and re-skilling opportunities based on the provision of professional development courses to help them design and deliver distance teaching.

● To develop a series of workshops both on and off line to support parents.

● To provide students with study, personal and organisational skills for remote learning.


The Covid-19 pandemic impacted the learning of 1.6 billion learners in 195 countries worldwide (United Nations Policy Brief, 2020). The unexpected pandemic has caused many difficulties in educational systems worldwide. In most countries, the spread of Covid-19 brought about temporary closures of educational institutions while digital learning became the new reality. These nationwide closures affected school learning but also imposed new ways of teaching, bringing to light the importance of digital literacy. The idea behind the Di2Learn project was born during these hard times where there was a need to develop and adopt, new methodological approaches adapted to the needs of digital learning as expressed by students, as well as by parents, whose role also proved to be crucial during the pandemic. Aiming to empower teachers and equip them with the essential digital learning tools and resources the project also follows an innovative “Triple Approach” to ensure optimal Digital and Distance Learning by also involving students, and parents.

Project Results

Target Groups

Upper primary & secondary school teachers