Train The Trainers Activity

DATE: 19th – 23rd of September 2022

VENUE: Nicosia, Cyprus

The C1 training took place between the 19th and 23rd of September 2022 in Nicosia, Cyprus with a total of 24 participants.

During the 5-day training session, each partner conducted workshops related to the material that they developed for teachers, and parents. More specifically, the workshops were the following:

  • Teacher workshop: Growth mindset: the key to successful teaching
  • Teacher workshop: Effective management of distance learning
  • Teacher workshop: Empowering students during distance learning
  • Parent workshop: Knowledge pill: how to support Your child in distance learning
  • Parent Workshop: Taking care of your child’s mental/psychological wellbeing
  • Parents Workshop: Digital demands for distance learning
  • Parents Workshop: Safety and protection of personal data during online learning

Each workshop was followed by an evaluation and discussion. In addition, the partnership recorded 3 podcasts  (for teachers, parents, and students) in Emphasys Centre’s studio that will be used to support the material developed for the target groups.

Lastly, on the 2nd day, a guest speaker was invited by Emphasys Centre to attend the C1 training virtually which is a headteacher Mr. Christos Giasemi at Dali Primary School in Nicosia. Mr. Christos had a really interesting and descriptive presentation regarding distance learning in Cyprus during the pandemic and what are the main benefits, challenges, and effects of distance learning on traditional learning. At the end of the presentation, the consortium had the opportunity to discuss with Mr. Christos the situation in their own country and to have an open discussion about education and the importance of teachers and parents for the children/students.